We help people and organizations to improve the quality of indoor air. We do this because we believe that clean indoor air is an essential right for all and the basis for a happy and healthy life. Our mission: "Enabling people to breathe pure air all over the world"

To improve the quality of indoor air, we offer high quality air purifier to a wide range of pollutants to be removed through effective. More than 40 years of experience, expertise and service orientation make it possible to offer effective air cleaning solutions.

Air cleaners of Airnomic brand clean indoor air. In sectors such as industry, health care, at the dentist, at the hairdresser and the shoemaker indoor air is continuously polluted by tobacco smoke, among other things, particulates, tiny hair particles, odors, microbiological contamination and mercury vapors. Clearing the air is simple with the Airnomic air purifier, the air is cleaned continuously professionally in a room. The air purifier draws the polluted air towards him, the air and then bring cleans the clean air back into the room again.